3rd Annual Cumberland Energy Symposium

3rd Annual Cumberland Energy Symposium

"Cumberland County: Trailblazers in Climate Change"

This years Symposium theme, Cumberland County: Trailblazers in Climate Change, is focused around building off of the 2017 Climate Change Retreat. On Thursday, May 24th, 2018, we brought together past thinkers, community members, academics, & members from the renewable energy sector. We explored the outcomes of the 2017 Climate Change Retreat, and dicussed moving forward in the fight against climate change. The vast amount of renewable energy resources within Cumberland County were also explored.

The Centre for Local Prosperity  also joined us to showcase their documentary film "Climate Change & the Human Prospect", that was inspired by the outcomes and events from the Thinkers Lodge Climate Change Retreat.

Sessions throughout the event addressed climate change action in the Cumberland County Region, building relationships with Indigenous communities, Cumberland County’s energy resources, the outcomes of the last retreat, and more. Our Keynote sessions included Fundy FORCE General Manager Tony Wright, Cumberland Energy Authority Executive Director Ray Hickey, and Capital Projects Engineer Brian Herteis from the Municipality of the County of Cumberland.

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