The Cumberland Energy Authority was formed in 2012 through an Inter-Municipal Agreement between the Municipality of the County of Cumberland, the Town of Parrsboro, and the former Town of Springhill to promote regional energy development.

Cumberland Energy Authority Partners with Dalhousie University on Springhill Geothermal Green Industrial Park Initiative

management without bordersThe Cumberland Energy Authority has partnered with students from the Management Without Borders program at Dalhousie University to develop a comprehensive external/internal analysis and a preliminary communications plan for the development of a Springhill Geothermal Green Industrial Park.

The report recommends the following:

  1. Continue studies on existing mineshafts to develop a better understanding of capacity.
  2. Explore the creation of long term monitoring programs of companies currently using geothermal.
  3. Ensure legal requirements are in place prior to development.

Investigate funding/incentive mechanisms to promote development.
To read the full report, please see pdf Springhill Geothermal Green Industrial Park Initiative (2.51 MB) .