Climate Change Retreat Outcomes

Climate Change Retreat Outcomes

Thinkers Lodge Climate Change Retreat, Pugwash Nova Scotia

September 28th- October 1st 2017 

There have been two CEA Energy Symposiums, both of which were two day event’s that consisted of a diverse range of speakers representing the fields of academia, industry, and not-for-profit. They showcased the vast renewable energy opportunities in Cumberland County.

In the fall of 2017 we teamed up with The Centre for Local Prosperity to host a joint climate change retreat at the Thinkers Lodge in Pugwash Nova Scotia.

From Thursday September 28th until Sunday October 1st, a momentous event took place. A Climate Change Retreat, put on by the Cumberland Energy Authority, the Centre for Local Prosperity, along with the Thinkers Lodge. This event was held in Pugwash Nova Scotia, at the historical Thinkers Lodge. This location held important significance, as 60 years ago it was where the first ever Pugwash Conference was held. This conference brought together people from both sides of the iron curtain, who were deemed as “thinkers”. These thinkers were brought together by the owner of the lodge, and Pugwash citizen Cyrus Eaton. These thinkers, inspired by the Russel-Einstein Manifesto, came together to talk about the threat of nuclear war. This year, we brought together thinkers from Atlantic Canada, and beyond, to talk about a new threat, climate change.


Many themes arose from this incredible event, three main ones included Connecting to Indigenous Communities, Project Drawdown, & Focusing on Municipalities. 

A large focus of the retreat was connecting to Indigenous communities and working along side them. We want to focus on cooperation with these communities in the future. Elder Albert Marshall was present as a thinker at this retreat, he is well known for coining the term Two-Eyed Seeing

Project Drawdown was another foundational part of this Retreat. Project Drawdown is a plan to combat, and to ultimately reverse global warming. It offers a variety of solutions that would aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All of these ideas are already created and are possible. A book and website have now both been made available where they give 100 solutions to combat climate change, these ideas and solutions were all put forth by a variety of researchers, scientists, and so forth.

Finally, Municipalities were a large focus. It was discussed throughout the Retreat that change happens from the bottom up. Municipalites, and individuals, can make change in multiple ways. Firstly, we could each, on an individual scale, educate ourselves, on Indigenous issues, as well as climate change.