The Cumberland Energy Authority was formed in 2012 through an Inter-Municipal Agreement between the Municipality of the County of Cumberland, the Town of Parrsboro, and the former Town of Springhill to promote regional energy development.

Thinkers Lodge Climate Change Retreat Outcomes

From Thursday September 28th until Sunday October 1st, a momentous event took place. A Climate Change Retreat, put on by the Cumberland Energy Authority, the Centre for Local Prosperity, along with the Thinkers Lodge. This event was held in Pugwash Nova Scotia, at the historical Thinkers Lodge. This location held important significance, as 60 years ago it was where the first ever Pugwash Conference was held. This conference brought together people from both sides of the iron curtain, who were deemed as “thinkers”. These thinkers were brought together by the owner of the lodge, and Pugwash citizen Cyrus Eaton. These thinkers, inspired by the Russel-Einstein Manifesto, came together to talk about the threat of nuclear war. This year, we brought together thinkers from Atlantic Canada, and beyond, to talk about a new threat, climate change.



Many themes arose from this conference, three of the main ones being;

Connecting to Indigenous Communties-

A large focus of the retreat was connecting to Indigenous communities and working along side them. We want to focus on cooperation with these communities in the future. Elder Albert Marshall was a thinker present at the retreat, who offered incredble insight. Albert is known for coining the term Two-Eyed seeing. 

Project Drawdown-

Drawdown is a project that aims to work with already existing solutions that can help in the process to draw down greenhouse gases within the atmosphere. This project and book, which includes 100 solutions, has been deemed “…the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming” (Drawdown). As a municipality, and a county as a whole, we can take individual, as well as more community based measures to do our part in combatting climate change.


There was a large focus on Municpalities as well, as change occurs from the bottom up. Engaging with Municipalities, becoming educated, and being passionate, is key in moivng forward.

IMG 9970

                                             Lobster Factory, (Thinkers Lodge), Pugwash NS. - Will Balser